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Top 5 reasons to live in South London

By AdamR 05 Nov 2019

The only people who complain about South London, are the people who’ve never actually lived there. North London? No thanks. I’ll stick to the South, and here’s my reasons why…

Goodbye Tourists! 👋🏼

One of the best things about living in South London is that you don’t have to avoid the 19 million tourists that visit the capital every year. The community vibes are strong, and with most (if not all) of the tourist attractions being north of the river, the only people you’ll come across are friendly locals!

Hello views! 🏙️

Why live in one singular pretty part of London, when you can see all the pretty parts at once! There are public spaces like the Greenwich Observatory, or the rooftop at Frank’s Bar in Peckham - giving some of the best views of London, without the Shard price tag. 

No tube? No problem! 🚌

People complain about the rarity of tube stops in the South, but who wants to get the tube anyway? It’s hot, sweaty and I’d rather not get that intimate with a stranger’s armpit (no judgement if you would though). There are plenty of classic London buses to get you from A to Z! At nearly half the price of the tube and with views of the city, what is not to love? 

The best pubs, the best grub. 🍻🍕

North London is pricey and 9/10 times your bang isn’t worth your buck. However South London is where you can get eat out and drink out for some of the best prices. Morley’s anyone? 

South London is the real hipster central 🥑

If you want an authentic hipster experience, come to the South. It’s the home of the real independent and avoids all the gimmicks usually created for gullible tourists. Dulwich is full of industrial-style cafes for your caffeine fix and for your club fix? Say ‘hello’ to the O2 Academy Brixton and urban creative space Peckham Levels.

So next time someone bad-mouths the South, just ask if they’ve lived there. Cause if they haven’t, they need to.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: This is my opinion, UAL Accommodations Services are not biased to which side of the river you live but I am 🤣🤣🤣

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