Your complete move-out guide!

Posted 1 month ago

Essential tips and tricks to consider

Leaving the snug confines of university halls to embrace the wider world is a pivotal moment for students. To ensure your move-out journey is seamless and stress-free, here are five essential tips and tricks to consider:

  1. Strategic Packing for a Smooth Transition 📦: Efficient packing is the cornerstone of a successful move-out. Begin by categorising your belongings into essentials, non-essentials, and items to donate or discard. If you have clothes, stationary or household items to donate, each halls has a charity donation box located in either reception or the common room. We also have boxes at each reception for library books for students who want to return books they have got from UAL Library Services. When organising your packing, opt for sturdy boxes and secure packaging materials. You might be able to find free boxes at you Halls reception. Keep fragile items safe with bubble wrap or soft fabrics. Don't forget to label your boxes – it will save you a lot of time when unpacking at your new destination. 
  2. Plan Your Timeline and Logistics ⏰: Timing is everything when it comes to moving out. Plan your move-out date in advance, coordinating with the end of your lease agreement. Arrange for transport, whether it's a rental van or professional movers. If you're moving with friends, ensure everyone is on the same page regarding responsibilities. Taking these steps will help you avoid the last-minute frenzy and enjoy a more organized departure. 
  3. Cleaning and Tidying Up 🤝🏽: A clean departure is a courteous departure. Prior to leaving your Hall, give your space a thorough cleaning. Check for any damages and report them if necessary. Not only does this ensure a smooth exit, but it also maintains the positive community spirit within the halls. 
  4. Sustainable Moves 👣: Go Green! As you transition to your new abode, consider adopting eco-friendly practices. Reduce waste by using reusable boxes and bags. Donate or recycle items you no longer need, minimizing your environmental footprint. University of the Arts London supports sustainability, so tap into resources that promote eco-conscious moving practices. 
  5. Embrace the New Chapter with Enthusiasm 🏡: Moving out is more than a change of location – it's a shift towards personal growth and independence. Embrace the opportunities that come with your new space. Decorate and organise your new area to suit your taste and lifestyle. Stay connected with your hall mates and friends, join some new societies in college and don't hesitate to reach out for extra support during this process. 

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