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a photo of the top of the costume store building with two photos on top of it - one depicting two girls posing for a camera outdoors and another depicting a street sign that reads portobello road


6 places to check out around The Costume Store

By UALHalls 28 Mar 2023

Hi! My name is Martha and I study Fashion Design: Womenswear at LCF. I am currently living in The Costume Store! 

The Costume Store is located in North Acton, with a huge variety of fun activities and great days out, right on its doorstep. 

If you are planning on applying or moving to The Costume Store, check out my list of must-see places.

1. Portobello market 🌸

Just a short 10-minute tube away, you have Portobello market - a great place for fashion students and vintage clothing lovers!

Based in Notting Hill, Portobello market has colourful shops, cute cafes and a brilliant array of vintage and second-hand shops. It is definitely one of my favourite places! 

2. Goldhawk Road 🧵

If anyone loves fabric as much as I do, Goldhawk Road is the best place to visit!

A quick bus ride or an even quicker train away, Goldhawk Road has an incredible array of fabric shops. A personal favourite of mine is A-Z Fabrics, as it has some of the cheapest bargains at £2.99 a metre! 🤯

3. Bike Hire 🚲

My favourite activity in the local area is hiring a Lime Bike and going for a ride around North Acton and Park Royal!

Around the accommodation you can find many bikes to hire, and I always have a laugh hiring these with my friends. It’s also a great alternative to the gym and gets you some fresh air!

4. Meals out 😋

After a bike ride around, you may be hungry, and that brings me on to the best local restaurants!

In Notting hill, Farm Girl is a beautiful cafe with arguably the best avocado toast you will get in London! It’s a great place to take your friends and get those aesthetic Instagram photos!

Likewise on the doorstep of The Costume Store is the Foundry Bar and Kitchen, a great place to get a cheap meal and a quick pint! Perfect for days when you don’t want to cook! 

5. The Aeronaut 🍻

The best pub in the area has to be the Aeronaut in Acton!

A fun filled circus theme pub, with great music, a colourful atmosphere and a fun photo booth! From Live Circus shows to drag shows to themed nights, it’s a great alternative to the traditional pub setting. 

6. Parks 🍃

Just on the doorstep of The Costume Store you have both the North Acton Playing Fields and Walpole Park. 

Both of these parks are great for a walk at any time of year and picnics with your flatmates and friends during spring and summer. So, whether you want to go for a run, a walk, or a picnic, take advantage of the lovely green spaces around you.

If you are thinking about applying for The Costume Store, or any of our halls and would like more information about the local areas, please contact our team.

You can call us on +44 (0) 20 7 514 6240 or email us at

Portobello Road cover photo by: Simona Marinkova on Unsplash