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a shot of a bedroom at Archwood house that depicts a bed made with brown and orange bedsheets and pillow covers as well as a bear and a pillow with a sun and two hands on top of the bed. it also shows part of a table with a computer, a rock lamp and some pictures on it.


Your go-to essentials at Archwood House

By UALHalls 18 May 2023

My name is Achint, and I came to UAL from India! After 6 months of living at Archwood House, I’ve had enough time to learn where to find things the cheapest and easiest way.

Archwood House is one of the newer UAL accommodations with modern features and furnishings throughout.

It’s an ideal location for students studying at Camberwell College of Arts, CCW Foundation Centre, and London College of Communication. It’s also a short bus or bike ride to central London.

Every room at Archwood House has ample storage space so bring your daily essentials...but you can always buy new ones to suit your taste and budget.

Remember: you can always get your friends and family to post more of your belongings if need be. 😉

When looking for an accommodation we all think of what we need: the nearest hospital, the nearest supermarket. Well, you don’t have to look around as here's my complete list of essentials to make your life easier during your stay at Archwood House.

1. Supermarkets 🍇

When buying groceries, your weekly spending could range from £25 to £40.

The Morrisons on Rye Lane would be the best supermarket. It has almost everything from bedsheets to fruits and vegetables. You can sign up on the website and get coupons & vouchers with every purchase.

There are many other options such as Poundland (5-minute walk), Tesco Express (7-minute walk) and Lidl (6-minute walk). Lidl is the cheapest option for buying vegetables.

Rye Lane Market is only 10 minutes away, so there are plenty of shops nearby when you are here.

2. Hospital & GP 🩺

The nearest hospital is King's College Hospital. But personally, I would recommend going to St. Thomas Hospital - which is 30-minutes by bus from Archwood House - as it has a much faster response at the emergency centre compared to King's College Hospital.

The GP for people living at Archwood House is Queens Road Surgery and it's only a 6-minute walk. To make an appointment, you must call immediately at 8AM on the day you wish to make an appointment, as they fill up within the first 15 minutes.

The nearest pharmacy is Lloyds Pharmacy (2-minute walk) or you can also go to Morrisons for your medicinal needs.

3. Bus & tube 🚇

The nearest bus station is Bonar Road, but there is also another bus stop a 7-minute walk away - Hanover Park. From Hanover Park, you can reach almost anywhere in London.

The nearest tube station is Peckham Rye, an 11-minute walk from Archwood House.

4. Restaurants & cafés

The best fast-food places here are McDonald’s (8-minute walk), Nando’s (6-minute walk) & KFC (6-minute walk). My personal favorite for delicious fried chicken is Morley’s (6 min walk).  

Katie’s is another favorite of people living at Archwood House residents as it’s open until 11 pm and is a 2 mins walk away.

The nearest café is Costa Coffee (5-minute walk). But you can find cheaper and much better coffee at Greggs (5-minute walk). Regular mochas are just £2 a cup and there is also a student discount offer. So, buy a hot drink and get a free dessert.

5. Clothing 🧥

If you've ever heard the expression ‘all four seasons in one day’, you'll know what to expect from London's weather. From beautiful summer days, to torrential downpours– all bases need to be covered.

For clothes, Primark is just a 10-minute walk away and there are many thrift and charity stores at walking distance in the Rye Lane market.

6. Park 🌳

The nearest park is Burgess Park. It offers stunning views of a beautiful swan pond and the London skyline. I love to go for runs in the morning there.

If you are thinking about applying or are moving in to Archwood House, or any of our halls, and would like more information about the local areas, please contact our team.

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