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Value in every meal

By BaxterStorey 27 Mar 2024

What you're really getting for your money by eating on campus. 

We care about the food that we serve. From our sandwiches to sit-down hot meals, we take the time to make our dishes delicious, nutritious and versatile. We don't compromise on taste, your health and sustainability - and you shouldn't either.

Food is such a great source of energy that helps you during your time at university, which is why we make sure you can see the value in every serving, and this is exactly how we do it. 

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We only serve fresh food...


Because it tastes better and has less artificial input. 

Our chefs work around the seasonality of food, using their skills to deliver nutritious food that still makes you taste all the benefits of comfort food. From fresh fruit and veggies to high-quality meat, we make sure you can taste the difference in each dish. 

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All our eggs are organic, free range and Lion stamped
All our milk is organic
Our chicken is free range
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We partner only with suppliers with strong ethical work...

Speaking of local suppliers, not only does this mean our ingredients go straight from farm to plate but also allows our menus to change with the seasons, making sure you get the freshest ingredients every day of the year. Sourcing locally also has amazing effects that go beyond campus, including helping the environment by cutting transportation emissions and boosting local communities by encouraging local employment - it's a win, win! 

Working with companies like Waste Knot who rescue surplus vegetables from going to waste (which we use to create our menus and salad bar) and Wildfarmed's regenerative flour that is used in our bread and bakes, we're always taking one step forward in healing the planet. Our block-sliced cheese even comes from the oldest surviving cheddar makers in the world! 

Find out more in our sustainability booklet. 

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That puts your health first...

Our menus are created to be nutritious. Our food complies with national standards on food and nutrition that is animal and climate friendly. 

Whether you choose something off the weekly menu or head to the salad bar, you can find all of the above in our canteens. We want you to live and leave your journey with us happy and healthy.

Not to mention we cater to a wide range of dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan dishes that are just as tasty. 

Did you know?

70% of our food offer is either vegetarian or vegan (from hot food and our grab and go range to alternative milks).

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All served by people who care

Our staff get you know you. They care about your experience and love to watch you grow from behind the counter. Whether you're in the canteen all the time or once in a while, they'll always serve you with a smile. 

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