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Byron's move in vlog | The Costume Store

By UALHalls 26 Sep 2017

Say hello to Byron, a London College of Fashion student who has just moved from Sheffield into The Costume Store!

"My name is Byron Denton, I am a Youtuber and Fashion Photographer. I recently moved to London to study Fashion Photography at LCF.

I decided to make the move from Sheffield (my hometown) to the big city of London (my current town). Here I am I furthering my knowledge and skill set, developing myself as a fashion photographer at LCF.

When making the move I decided going into halls was the best option for me, as I wanted to make friends and meet new people.

I choose to reside at The Costume Store as it was the closest accommodation to my campus.

I've only been here a week but I've visited a few cute coffee shops and explored the streets of London.

I'd say I have settled in just fine (minus my cooking abilities, I'm still working on that!)."

You can follow Byron's adventures in halls and at LCF on his own Youtube channel too.