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UAL Accommodation Open Day 2024

By UALHalls 15 Apr 2024

Hundreds of UAL students attended our Accommodation Open Day on the weekend. 

Our Halls Life team welcomed hundreds of eager future students and their families to explore our Halls of Residences on Saturday. 😍

All 14 halls were open for new and current students to view as current residents gave interactive tours of their own rooms and other facilities, including kitchens, common areas and outdoors spaces. Our staff also answered any other burning answers about everything students needed to know about living at a UAL Halls of Residence. 

🤩 We were so thrilled to welcome so many new students through our doors so they could get a first-hand experience as to why living on one of our halls is such an enriching experience as a UAL uni student! 🙏🏽

a group of people standing in the courtyard at Stratford One Halls Accommodation

Applications Opening Dates ⏰

If you are planning to apply to live on one of our Halls of Residence for the 2024/2025 academic year, we have listed three important accommodation dates when applications are opening to mark in your calendar. 

▪️ Tuesday 16 April 2024, 10am (UK time) – returning students to UAL  

▪️  Tuesday 23 April 2024, 10am (UK time) - students who have received a conditional offer and have firmly accepted their offer for the 2024/25 year  

▪️ Tuesday 30 April 2024, 10am (UK time) - all students who have received an offer from UAL  

We put together some top tips to answer any application questions or queries you have and to guide you through the process. 

a group of people standing in a room with a Halls Life staff member

Upcoming Webinars  👩‍💻

We will be hosting a couple of webinars for you to learn more about our Accommodation Services

In the webinars, you will find out about the different halls in UAL's portfolio, get a taste of the events programme, and receive valuable information on how to apply to live in halls. 

For students who are thinking about renting privately, we will also be providing advice on renting and flat sharing in London. 

Key webinar dates + registration links

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about how UAL’s Accommodation Services team can assist you on where you want to live next year. 🥳

Want to know more about this event? Get in touch: 


T: +44 (0)20 4586 3219

Instagram: UAL_HallsLife

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