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Why we loved working in Halls

By UALHalls 21 Jun 2022

Thinking of applying to be a Hall Committee member? Hear from our past reps on why they LOVED their job...

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"One of my best experiences at UAL was to be able to work as a Halls Rep for the past 2 years. This job helped me, not only become more sociable and expand my connections, but to make so many new friends and meet so many different people from around the world. I met my best friends through this job and I got to work in so many different places! It has also helped develop important skills such as working in a team and creating content. I recommend this job for anyone looking for something with flexible work hours and who wants to meet new people.” – Veva

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"Joining the social programme forced myself to meet new people and jump into the university lifestyle which I was apprehensive off before moving to London due to my anxiety, it made the transition more comfortable for me as I was working events such as outdoor cinemas and external trips meant I could make new friends while working!" – Rubie

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"Being a halls rep is lots of fun as you get to meet lots of new people and improve your social skills it helps to add structure to your week with weekly events, you get paid to go to cool places like Harry Potter studios and of course it is a lot of fun!!!" – Arthur

Beth posing with the other Reps at their Y2K party

"Being a Halls Rep has been a great way to build my confidence and develop my skills for future employment." – Beth

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"Hi this is Simran and I am the Halls Rep of Glassyard for the year 2021/22. My experience has been fabulous thus far working with the amazing team of UAL social. I also got to meet and interact with so many students from UAL and I met and became friends with all my closest friends because of the multiple events I worked for. I personally love attending social events and it was an absolutely amazing opportunity to earn money while hosting them! And in the end I’m really grateful to have been offered this amazing position of halls rep for it made my stay in uni halls even better." – Simran 

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"Being a halls rep has taught me so much, has enhanced my CV skills and has allowed me to make new friends and contacts. It has been so fun, and I don't know what other job would be able to offer the same opportunities as this one which fits so easily around my studies!" – Katie

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"One of the biggest factor that my first year’s social life went so fruitful and fun was because of halls rep! This role was beyond organizing events, as it made me surprised how much deep genuine connections I made through out this job. Every people I came across in the event had kind heart, were open minded, and eventually, they became one of my precious friends in London. I cannot express how I am grateful that this role just gave an opportunity for me to interact with interesting and unique people that who stayed with me whenever I needed them or whenever I missed my home." – Minami 

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