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Watch our Webinars hosted with your Residence Manager

By UALHalls 22 Aug 2023

We recently hosted webinars for UAL managed halls so as a new student you could hear more about what to expect from the arrival process, and what you need to know ahead of check-in. This was a chance to hear from your Residence Manager and ask any questions that you are not sure about.  

You can rewatch the webinars below if you were unable to attend or if you just want to rewatch and get even more excited about moving into your new home. 😊

Glassyard Building and Highline Building – Meet your Residence Manager Sarah Thomas

The Costume Store - Meet your Residence Manager Cecilia RoFri 

Sketch House - Meet your Residence Manager Kasia Ignaciuk  

Cordwainers Court - Meet your Residence Team: Rick Troop and Trui Meyns

Gardens House, Portland House and Brooke Hall - Meet your Residence Managers: Camila Small and Frank Nsenga

Archwood House - Meet your Residence Managers: Susanna Dereani and Chris Newcombe

We refer a lot in the webinars to your Hall guide. Take a look, as it has lots of useful practical information such as reporting repairs and how to log in to the Wi-Fi, as well as top tips on what cafés and restaurants to visit near your hall.  

 We can’t wait to meet you all very soon! 🙌🏼