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kitchen utensils


The ultimate student guide to kitchen essentials

By BaxterStorey 11 Aug 2023

Covering the basics´╗┐ for new campus cooks ­čžĹÔÇŹ­čŹ│

Whether you want to be the next Gordon Ramsay, plan on to do some´╗┐ serious baking or simply want to be able to feed yourself as a busy student...we've got you covered!

Here's the only list you'll need for all the must-have kitchen utensils:´╗┐

  1. ´╗┐Plates and bowls: ´╗┐at least one of each!
  2. ´╗┐Cutlery: ´╗┐preferably with a pattern or different colour so they don't get mixed up with your flatmates'. 
  3. Sharp knife: ´╗┐don't splash out on a whole set, one will be enough for all that chopping, slicing and dicing.
  4. ´╗┐Chopping board´╗┐: ´╗┐try to find a non-slip one to avoid any accidents (especially if you're a newbie to cooking).
  5. ´╗┐Mixing bowls: ´╗┐for batter, salads, ´╗┐marinades, snacks and more! 
  6. ´╗┐Wooden spoon: ´╗┐stirring is an essential cooking move, you're bound to use this a lot. ´╗┐
  7. ´╗┐G´╗┐rater: ´╗┐´╗┐don't be fooled, this isn't just for cheese. ´╗┐Use it to grate your veggies, spices and for zesting to really make the most of it. 
  8. Can opener: ´╗┐an underrated utensil which is ´╗┐easily forgotten and comes in so handy. 
  9. ´╗┐Colander: ´╗┐used for draining, separating and washing your ingredients.
  10. ´╗┐Frying pan: ´╗┐always opt for a non-stick to make washing up even quicker. ´╗┐
  11. ´╗┐Saucepan: ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐get one with a lid so the heat stays in the pot, it helps to cook your food evenly and faster. 
  12. ´╗┐Wok: ´╗┐flash fry your veggies for the perfect stir fry.
  13. ´╗┐Baking trays: ´╗┐there's no doubt you'll need these for all of those quick oven pizzas! 
  14. ´╗┐Oven-safe dish: ´╗┐incredibly versatile used for anything from baking to making Sunday roasts.
  15. ´╗┐Mug: ´╗┐at least one´╗┐ ´╗┐for those morning cuppas. ´╗┐
  16. ´╗┐Storage boxes: ´╗┐these will be great for meal prepping before the start of the uni week! ´╗┐
  17. ´╗┐Oven gloves: ´╗┐these have definitely got to be on your list.
  18. ´╗┐Tea towels: ´╗┐for cleaning and drying your washing up. ´╗┐

´╗┐If you're living with other housemates, you can definitely share some of these to save space and money! ´╗┐´╗┐

´╗┐Take the hassle out of buying and travelling with all of these, you can order ALL of your essential items with our partner's UniKitOut AND have them delivered straight to your halls' bedroom for when you arrive. Check out their kitchen starter kit ­čĹç­čĹç

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