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Sustainability at UAL

By UALHalls 05 Nov 2019

UAL is committed to making sure that the university is as sustainable possible. We wanted to share some of our achievements so far and our plans for the future. 

Here are 5 things that UAL has been doing to become greener.

1. Supporting the Climate Emergency

  • We have appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Jeremy Till to lead the University's response to the climate emergency.
  • Plans to expand our Environmental Management System to ensure that sustainability is successfully measured and monitored across the university. This is a UK Art & Design institution first!
  • Courses taught at UAL will make sustainability a required part of the student learning experience by introducing relevant learning outcomes to the curriculum. This will be accompanied by sustainability training for all academic and technical staff.

If you missed it you can read the whole statement here

2. Green Energy: direct from the source

  • We've been using 100% renewable energy generated from UK sources since 2018!
  • We have also joined forces with 20 other universities to strike a £50m deal to buy renewable electricity directly from British wind farms. 
  • UAL now gets 14% of its electricity direct from British wind farms which is enough electricity to power London College of Communication and Wimbledon College of Arts for whole a year.

3. Reducing our carbon emissions

  • We have pledged to cut our carbon emissions by 43% by 2020 and we're almost there!
  • If that wasn't enough, this year sees another commitment to reducing energy consumption by a further 1 million kWh.

4. Graduating the Green League, with first-class honours

  • The Green League has named us the 19th greenest university in the UK. That's 4th in London and the highest-ranked arts university - Go UAL!

5. Coming together with the Sustainability Working Group

  • Our Sustainability Working Group has been working hard to make UAL greener. It’s responsible for the Sustainability Manifesto and is always on the lookout for ways to improve things. #Teamwork
  • We have appointed 8 new sustainability interns to join the team and they are now working across all colleges to improve sustainability.

We hoped you enjoyed learning about our commitment to sustainability. If you want to get involved and join the Working Group please contact Ian Lane by emailing