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a close up of a sculpture depicting a female body


SHAG Week | Body acceptance workshop

By UALHalls 11 Aug 2023

A workshop to help you accept your body and cultivate deeper connection to yourself using dance and other body-based practices. ✨

Join us for this body acceptance workshop with Rakhi Sachdev.

Rakhi facilitates sessions for those who identify as women to accept their bodies and cultivate deeper connection to themselves using dance and other body-based practices.

Her lived experience is that of living in a female body and experiencing what it is to live as a woman in a weight-obsessed society. She empowers women to go inward and reclaim their power, so that they can cultivate the confidence to voice their needs and desires and take up space.

In the workshop you will be guided through different practices:

  • Meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ - to quieten the noise and release anything that happened in the day. To ground into your body, relax and connect with yourself.
  • Gratitude for your body journaling practice 📒 - You will be asked Q's to journal on to consider the experiences your body has taken you through and where you can offer thanks to your body.
  • Mirror Work 🪞 - This will require looking at yourself, either in a full-length mirror or a face mirror of some kind. You will be guided through a practice which will involve really seeing yourself and who you are away from the noise of the world. You will meet your inner child and remind them just how Enough you and your body are.
  • Intuitive Dance 💃🏽 - An opportunity to feel pure joy through dance and to practice trusting the way your body wants to move without judgement. Your invitation is to play, express, feel and connect deeply to you, and enjoy how the music feels in your body.


  • To cultivate time for yourself to slow down and tap into your pleasure & joy.

  • To cultivate practices to connect to your body and its power.

  • To experience self and body acceptance.

By the end of this session, you will have challenged the messages that tell you that your body isn’t enough and that you need to be at war with it, and instead witness how powerful it is. You will learn practices to connect deeply to your body, respect and accept it.

You can view Rakhi’s Instagram page to get a feel for the sessions and read some testimonials from participants.

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T: +44(0)20 3890 6039

Instagram: UAL_HallsLife

Header image credits: Talia Golchin