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Student Voices

Meet your Halls Committees

By UALHalls 11 Sep 2023

Say hello and get to know a bit more about this year's Halls Committees! 🤩👋

They are students just like you, but their job throughout the year will be to put on events in the Halls (as well as a few outside of Halls) and make sure you enjoy your stay! 🙌🏼

🤩 Glassyard Building

a person posing for the camera

Meet Archie Friend, your Event Lead 🥳

Though Archie may be rockin' the funkiest hair doo Glassyard has seen for a good while, it does come at a price…Archie finds himself often mistaken for (a much younger) Billy Idol.

Marvel at his hair all you like, he won’t be singing you any songs, however he does have a passion for home cooking, so perhaps he can fix you a lunch!

a woman in glasses looking at the camera

Meet Georgie Ralph, your Marketing Lead 📱

Georgie is a newly, fully qualified swimming instructor! Though we won’t find any beaches in Stockwell, who knows where such skills may come into play away from her seaside hometown of Hastings.

Her favourite colour is pink however, more so from the point of view of a spectator, for she rarely wears anything that isn’t black!

🤩 Sketch House

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Angela Cammarota Perez, your Event Lead 🥳

Angela’s two favourite foods are at the forefront of Spanish cuisine: Tortilla de patatas and a GOOD paella.

Angela is a heavily equipped linguist, speaking Spanish, Catalan, Italian and English!

a person taking a selfie

Meet Freyja Mcdonald, your Marketing Lead 📱

Freyja’s newly acquired hobby, that she’s taken up this summer, is surfing! A passion for paddling and riding waves is a passion for life!

a woman sitting in front of a window

Meet Jenica Sawant, your Committee Support 🫂

A lover of travelling, music, and dancing. Jenica is a big animal lover, especially dogs.

In her spare time, she loves going on walks in parks or exploring different art galleries

🤩 Highline Building

a woman eating a cake

Meet Ingrida Seskeviciute, your Event Lead 🥳

Her personality type is ENFJ, the same as Drake, Johnny Depp, Mother Teresa, AND Jennifer Lawrence.

Perhaps Ingrida's Personality lays somewhere between the four of them??

a man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

Meet Sahil Chaudhary, your Marketing Lead 📱

Sahil’s shower concerts could give real concerts a run for their money! He’s mastered the art of belting out tunes and hitting those high notes while shampooing his hair. 

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline!

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Tharini Seenivasan, your Secretary 😎

Tharani’s fun fact seems to be somewhat freakish, for she can bend her fingers all the way back!

However, fear not, for she is also freakishly friendly.

a person posing for the camera

Meet Sean O'Brien, your Finance Lead 💷

Growing up in Ireland, Scotland and England-Sean is a self-proclaimed “Mr Worldwide”.

Step aside Pitbull!

🤩 Cordwainers Court

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Leah Ratan, your Event Lead 🥳

Being a third year Fashion Sportswear student, Leah is intrigued by innovative material technology.

In her spare time, she is likely to be found shopping, listening to music, or catching up with all things football and Formula One.

a woman taking a selfie

Meet Molly-Jean Wilson, your Marketing Lead 📱

Molly and her family are proud owners of a pet tortoise called Freida who is an astonishing 86 years old! Meaning she has roamed the earth during the same time period of the iconic, feminist artist she shares a name with!

🤩 The Costume Store

a close up of a person

Meet Natalia Bednarova, your Event Lead 🥳

Natalia is a gifted individual, possessing the superpower of being able to bend her eyelids backwards and hold them there.

Upon doing so, she can see EVERYTHING!

a woman posing for a picture

Meet Mili Beagley, your Marketing Lead 📱

Mili is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, she has 30 piercings & 30 tattoos.

HOWEVER, this metal head holds a deep dark secret… that she is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, despite the fact that looks may be deceiving.

a woman looking at the camera

Meet Ryanna Jacob, your Committee Support 🫂

Ryanna loves dressing up, cocktails, exploring cute cafes for scene brunches and lunches with her friends.

If you need advice on where to go, Ryanna will know!

a woman posing for the camera

Meet Emma Lee, your Committee Support 🫂

Much like her fellow Committee member and TCS resident Mili, Emma is a Huge Taylor Swift fan.

Another fact about Emma is that she tends to buy clothes that don’t fit her, with the intention of modifying them through her textile skills, then never doing it, resulting in a closet full to the brim with baggy clothes.  Swap shop anyone?

🤩 Archwood House

a person taking a selfie

Meet Alina Mityukova, your Event Lead 🥳

Before her artistic studies, Alina was studying medicine.

Alina can speak English, Russian and Italian!

Outside of her passions of language and medicine, lays a love for Georgian food.

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Mahroush Mahmud, your Marketing Lead 📱

Mahroush is a passionately active advocate for societal taboos, as well as having an urge to spread the awareness of what it means to be neurodivergent. While these are her clear passions, some things aren’t so clearly passionate.

Specifically, Frogs. Mahroush loves the visual aesthetic of a vibrantly coloured, large eyed frog, however the idea of holding one is enough to gross her out to excruciating levels!

🤩 Gardens House and Portland House

a woman talking on a cell phone

Meet Maisie Mcguigan, your Event Lead 🥳

If you’re a dog person, you’ll be disappointed to find out that Maisie and her family share their home with 25 cats.

WOW! Imagine the collective, harmonic purr!

a woman in a striped shirt

Meet Eva Stegic, your Marketing Lead 📱

Eva can speak French, has two mini dachshunds’ named Liberty and Daphne, she loves to paint and reading is one of her favourite pass times.

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Emma Chausse, your Committee Support 🫂

In Emma's spare time, she loves a book.

Though a good book is hard to beat, her real passion lays in the ice rink, for Emma is a well experienced ice hockey player. Until she finds a club in London however, she is happy to settle with the title “ice hockey lover”.

a woman holding a dog

Meet Annabelle Williams, your Secretary 😎

Annabelle’s favourite season is autumn; her favourite holiday is Halloween. Not Far!

Up until she was 17, she thought "ears dropping" was correct term for "eavesdropping". Just made sense in her head that you would drop your ear in on a conversation to listen. Makes sense!

🤩 Stratford One

a man wearing a white shirt

Meet Lukas Mason, your Event Lead 🥳

Lukas is currently really into crochet and embroidery. Maybe we are soon to see the beginnings of some crochet classes!

Wooley jumper anyone?

a woman talking on a cell phone

Meet Shruti Narayanan, your Marketing Lead 📱

Shruti is a proud collector of books, hobbies and adventures.

She loves the ocean, trying cuisines from around the world and watching anime.

a woman taking a selfie

Meet Vibhuti Gada, your Committee Support 🫂

Vibhuti is a passionate traveller of the world, with her next expedition being London! Second to travelling, her next passion is baking.

When she is tired from all the travelling, and doesn’t feel like making a cake, her favourite thing to do is put her feet up and watch some trash tv. Nice!

🤩 Your EDI Leads

a woman in a pink shirt

Meet Namicha Jackson, she is your EDI Lead based at Highline 🌏

When it comes to rabbits, Nami is a fanatic through and through!

She has gone on to prove this point, by at one point in her life, owning 10 of them all at once. That's a lot of carrots to get through every week!

a woman smiling for the camera

Meet Stephanía Bohórquez Díaz, she is your EDI Lead based at The Costume Store 🌏

Stephanía is known by her family and friends for being slightly accident prone. It all started at a young age, playing with her sister, pretending they were at a fashion show. Walking her way down the catwalk, Stephanía proceeded to break her arm.

Since then, her ankle has been taking the brunt of her bad luck, having broken it multiple times. One time was during the celebration of a goal during a football match.

Moving from Colombia, with such an intense goal celebration as this, Stephanía is sure to fit into UK life with ease!

Look for your Committees during events, they are there to make your experience and stay in Halls better and to help you with any issues. 🙌🏼

We're sure they are all looking forward to meeting you, so don't be afraid to say hello or strike up a conversation with them. 🤩

Please note that Wick Park, Wigram, Furzedown , Cedars and Emily Bowes Court will not have committees. These Halls will have staff teams at the sites that will provide events throughout the year.

Remember you can always speak to your committee members by emailing (please reference your hall in the subject line). 

Please be reassured that everything you discuss will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively.