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Match(a) your personality to our drinks

By BaxterStorey 26 Apr 2023

´╗┐Which drink from our cafes is perfect for you?­čąĄ

´╗┐With so many drinks on offer at our cafes, sometimes it can be difficult to know what´╗┐ you're really craving. Don't worry, we can help you narrow it down. Whether you're all go go go or want to satisfy your sweet tooth, here are some drinks that might match your personality. ´╗┐

Pash 'n' shoot - for the tropical trooper´╗┐ ­čąş

a glass of orange juice

Type: Smoothie´╗┐
Ingredients: Mango, pineapple & seedless passion fruit

´╗┐This smoothie packs a vibrant fruity punch to keep those energy levels high. Ideal for those who find themselves juggling lots of things at once and study like a pro. ´╗┐´╗┐A tropical trooper will always be pumped up for a jam-packed day. The busier they are, the better!

Espresso - for the last-minute legend ÔśĽ´ŞĆ

a glass of wine

´╗┐Type: Coffee
Ingredients: Ground coffee beans (and a shot of syrup if you're feeling cheeky)

The GOAT of caffeine boosts´╗┐. Ideal for an always on the move or early riser personality. The last-minute legend will be a study machine in´╗┐ need of an extra b´╗┐oost get them over the line. Yes, they may have a tonne still to do, but they know they can do it, with full confidence in themselves. They're no mess, all bean. 

P.S. You can now grab an Extract Coffee Roasters' coffee bag from our cafes to take on the go! ´╗┐(Available at Central Saint Martins cafe and London College of Communication Typo)

Kale kick - for the healthy hero ­čąČ

a close up of a green plant

Type: Smoothie
Ingredients: Mango, spinach, kale, strawberry

´╗┐A real super smoothie, giving you all the nutrients you need to conquer the day. Ideal for the conscious personality types who keep it as green as they can. The healthy hero treats their ´╗┐body as a temple, working hard on themselves so they can give as much as possible. 

Herbal tea - for the calm king ­čî┐

a glass of orange juice next to a cup of coffee

Type: Tea´╗┐
Ingredients: Varied

´╗┐Sometimes you need to take a moment (or two) for yourself and there's no better way than with a relaxing herbal tea for the body and mind. Perfect for the peaceful personalities out there, looking to clear the mind´╗┐ with every sip. The calm king maintains a healthy balance in their life and knows when they need to chill in order to maximise their productivity when they are working. 

Don't see yourself relating to any of these? Take a trip to our cafes to find your perfect match! ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐


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