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H'all the Love - Valentines/Pal'entines Dinner

By HallsLifeTeam 12 Feb 2024

Cooking4U is launching this week with a Valentines/Pal'entines special for you..❤️ 🍽

Whether you're planning to have a date with yourself, or in company of someone else, we got you covered!

Cooking4U is here with a quick meal to help you have a wonderful night, starting with our tomato and mascarpone risotto, and ending with a decadent chocolate mousse. 😋

This is a simple, but comforting meal that can be customised to your preference, by swapping or adding different ingredients to your taste, the process for both recipes stays the same!

* dairy ingredients used, such as mascarpone cream and cheese, can be swapped with vegan alternatives *

Tomato and Mascarpone Risotto:

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Watch our resident chef Toby making this recipe here! 👨‍🍳🍅🍚

Chocolate Mousse:


Watch our resident chef Toby making this recipe here! 👨‍🍳🍫🍓

Create one of our recipes by the end of February, and tag us on Instagram @ual_hallslife, for a chance to win £50 food voucher! 

Any questions, or would like to know more about Cooking 4 u? 

Send us an email at:

Instagram: UAL_HallsLife

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