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Five fakeaways that beat the real thing

By BaxterStorey 06 May 2023

Fake it till you make it.

Fakeaways are a fantastic alternative to expensive takeaway meals. Not only do they save you money, but they can also be healthier and you are able to customise it to match your taste preferences. Satisfy your cravings without compromising on quality or nutrition with these five fakeaway delights.

Chinese - Salt and chilli chicken 🍗

Combine crispy fried chicken with a spicy kick and you're onto a winner (winner chicken dinner). The chicken is coated in a mixture of salt, chilli flakes, and other seasonings before being fried to perfection. The result is a crunchy, flavorful dish that pairs well with rice, noodles or chips.

American - Cheeseburger 🍔

This cheeseburger fakeaway recipe tastes just like the real thing but is a lot healthier. If you want to make it even better for you, swap out the fatty ground beef  for lean turkey or chicken. Then you can make a homemade sauce with fresh ingredients and no added sugar. This dish is super easy to make and perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

Italian(ish) - BBQ stuffed crust pizza 🍕

If you need your pizza craving satisfied then look no further than this BBQ stuffed crust pizza fakeaway recipe. You can be guilt-free as well because the number of calories won't be even close to the real. You can of course go crazy when it comes to toppings if you need that extra flavour in your life. Search your takeaway menu for what topping combos you can steal for your own creations.

British - ham and cheese toastie 🧀

Looking for a quick and easy snack? Try making a ham and cheese toastie. This fakeaway recipe will fill you up without filling up your time in the kitchen. Simply toast two slices of bread, add a few slices of ham and cheese, and grill until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve with a side of your favourite dipping sauce for a delicious and satisfying snack.

Vietnamese - Bánh mì 🥪

Currently rising in popularity, the bánh mì is a fancy name for a baguette sandwich which usually contains a selection of meats, veg and sauces. This recipe though turns it into a tasty vegan masterpiece that shouldn't be looked over. Perfect for a lunch that packs a punch and is as simple as making a sandwich. Just make sure to get in the right ingredients and sauces and you'll create the perfect bánh mì.

And there you have it, your very own homemade versions of your favourite takeaway dishes! So go ahead, give one a try and impress your housemates with your culinary skills.


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