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Extract Coffee Roasters: Making coffee better

By BaxterStorey 29 Mar 2023

High-quality coffee with Extract Coffee Roasters

Grabbing a cup of coffee from our cafes on your way into the college is one of the simple pleasures as a student and we want to make that moment last - which is why we work with Extract Coffee Roasters. 

Their mission: Make Coffee Better 

For growers

By making the effort and taking the time to build long-term relationships with farmers they trust, Extract Coffee Roasters help growers to improve long-term earning potential as well as the quality of their coffee. 

Determined to source their coffee better, their closest relationships are now with farmers in Columbia, Peru, Guatemala and more. They have spent years refining their process, learning the perfect ways to roast and brew the coffee to its highest quality. 

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For the community

They also work with local and national charities to benefit communities across the UK, such as Grounds Up, a collective of grass-roots charity partners and projects within the Extract Coffee Roasters community. They help to support these organisations through volunteering, mentorship and fundraising. 

By supporting community projects all over the UK they are able to create new employment opportunities...and by drinking our coffee you're supporting them too.

Did you know? In 2020 during lockdown, they donated more than 35,000 cups of coffee to the NHS! 

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For the planet

Here are just some of the ways they reduce their environmental impact:

  • Up-cycling and restoring vintage roasters
  • Cutting transport miles and emissions
  • Recycling coffee waste
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Using sustainable coffee growers

Every step matters. You can find out more about how they make coffee better for the environment here. 

Find out more about how we stay as sustainable as possible in our sustainability booklet. 

For you

By working with sustainable and high-quality growers, Extract Coffee Roasters provides ethically-sourced, perfectly crafted arabica coffee for you. 

UAL's house espresso, Cast Iron, is from a Rainforest Alliance certified estate in Guatemala, San Marcos and roasted on a 1950s Vintage Probat roaster called Betty. So you can rest assured that the coffee you drink from our cafes supports the environment and society without sacrificing quality - it's simply delicious. 

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P.S. It tastes even better with our sweet treats and pastries 🥐


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