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Cooking4U - Meal Prepping on a Budget!

By HallsLifeTeam 11 Mar 2024

We've created some 'meal prepping on a budget' recipes & videos for you! 🧑🏻‍🍳

Did you know that one of best ways to save money is by preparing your meals ahead instead of buying them daily? 💸🧑🏻‍🍳

As part of Student Money Week, Cooking 4 U is here to show you how simple and cheap it is to make nutritious meals by using the free products provided for you, such as oats and rice. Just by implementing other simple ingredients (which can be swapped to your preference and taste). 🍚🥣🍅

With a little bit of creativity and following our easy recipes, you can make a variety of healthy and nourishing meals for a whole week, for less than £25! 🤩

First, Toby will show you how simple and easy is to make overnight oats, taking inspiration from Baxter Storey's favourite ones

Overnight Oats 🥣

- Frozen Berries Overnight Oat 

- Banana and Cinnamon Overnight Oat

- Biscoff Overnight Oat


Watch Toby show you how to create all three recipes here 🤩 (and check the insta description to see how you can win a £75 food shopping voucher) 🚨🛒

Toby will also be preparing super simple Rice Salad boxes inspired by flavours around the world. 🌎 By using the same ingredients within more than one of these salad bowls, in addition to the rice provided for free in common room Here 4 U dispensers, you will be able to create super tasty meals that will help you waste less food and save lots more money! 🍚

Rice Salad Bowls:

- Moroccan Rice Salad

- Greek Rice Salad

- Mexican Rice Salad

👀 Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe video out soon 👀

Did you know that one of the best way to save money on food, is to prepare your own granola at home? Let us show you how! 🧑🏻‍🍳

Grab the Gluten Free Oat from your Here4u dispenser and follow some simple steps to create a delicious granola that can be customised as your preference and stored for up to 2 weeks! 

👀 Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe video out soon 👀

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