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Celebrating women in our canteens and cafes

By BaxterStorey 08 Mar 2023

It's International Women's Day!

Today we are celebrating all women, in particular all of our female staff at our canteens and cafés.

We travelled across campus to ask them important questions about their experiences as women, especially in the food and hospitality industry, so you can get to know them better. 

Who is your inspiration or role model as a female? 

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"My late grandmother, who has survived the second World War and communism era. For Nana, nothing was impossible, the sky was the limit. She was a very simple woman and so unique at the same time. Despite extremely challenging circumstances she was always cheerful, full of optimism and saw only goodness in people. She managed to live a very happy and long life.

The other person I admire was Polish scientist and two-time Nobel Prize winner, Maria Curie Sklodowska. She never gave up. From a very young age she was facing many challenges; nevertheless she found her way to get education and independence, she never stopped her research even after she knew it was killing her." - Beata, General Manager at London College of Communication

How is work-life balance important to you?

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"Work is important especially as a women, I have seen some of family (especially the women) depending on men but I think it's important to have a secure and stable job.

It's important to have a balanced lifestyle but not overwork with a lot of shifts which is what I used to do. You end up getting psychologically and physically tired, this made me not want to do anything anymore. It's good to be independent to progress in work and in life. It's good for me to have a day job not at night, it may be less money but mental health is more important. After work and at weekends you can see friends, enjoy life, see family and go to the gym. Before, I had no time working every day so I had no time for myself. The lifestyle is tough and you lose motivation for everything.

I always say you don't need to depend on men, I don't have high expectations of men, however I want to at least be equal if not higher in my accomplishments." - Constantinescu Luliana Alina, Front of House at Camberwell College of Arts

Do you have any advice for younger women in hospitality?

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"There is growth for women, the possibilities there are with BaxterStorey and even in the hospitality industry. I think that women should go for it and strive to achieve their goals to the best of their abilities. 

You shouldn't let anything hold you back." - Sandra, Manager at Archway Café at Central Saint Martins

Do you have a dish/food that represents a woman in your life who inspires you?

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"My Mum is who inspires me. She makes the best comfort food which is Lasagne. She taught me how to cook this and we normally make this dish together. This is a recipe that is passed down in the family." - Jessica, Chef at Central Saint Martins

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"My Nana was a master chef and using her remarkable skills she always managed to bake some delicious pastries for each occasion. The smell of homemade Rogale (small croissants filled with homemade plum jam) will always remind me of my childhood and beloved Grandma." - Beata, General Manager at London College of Communication

Who is a woman that inspires you? Let us know in the comments of our Instagram post. 

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