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Apps for moving to London

By UALHalls 04 Jul 2023

Moving to a new city can undoubtedly be one of the most exciting things to happen to you - but it can also be scariest!

Surrounded by new faces in a new and busy environment is overwhelming, but it can be made easier. No, not just by using Google Maps - there is more to life.

  • Citymapper (Android) (iPhone) For when you need to find your way. It works offline so will save some panicking if don't have a signal when underground! It'll give you real-time updates and direct route instructions for tubes and buses!
  • Uber (Android) (iPhone) Get home safely via Uber day or night. Uber is great because you can read reviews of the drivers and choose who you want to take you home. You also directly pay online via card, saving you carrying cash around. 
  • GPS Find me! (Android) or Find My Friends (iPhone) If you're really having problems with directions or can't describe to a friend where you're at - let them do the hard work!
  • Where's My Droid or Find My iPhone  These only work if your phone is switched on but can be really helpful! They'll ease your nerves when you've misplaced your phone and it turns up in the bag you've already checked 5 times or if you believe it might be stolen it could help pinpoint its location.
  • MyUAL (Android) (iPhone) This free mobile app provides core digital services to students including:
    • print credit and top-up
    • College maps
    • library information
    • UAL news
    • Moodle
    • timetables
  • Open Table (Android) (iPhone) In a new city, it's hard to know which restaurants are good, or cheap, or close by. Get a load of this one!
  • ATM Finder (Android) (iPhone) For those new to the UK it’s a cash machine finder. Not that anyone knows what ATM actually stands fro anyway. This app will lead you to the nearest FREE cash machine which tends to hide in pretty obscure places in this city.
  • London Cycle (Android) (iPhone) This app goes that one step further than City Mapper, for keen cyclists this app gives you information on the safest cycle routes and where to find the Cycle Hire stations.

Finding it hard to get to grips with living in a new city is understandable, but if you download these apps we bet you will find an opportunity when some are useful!