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6 places to check out around Chelsea College of Arts

By UALHalls 01 Apr 2023

Hi! Riddhima here, I am a first-year student studying Interior Design at Chelsea.

Here are some places to check out around campus that can cheer you up after a long day of classes.  

The university is on the banks of the Thames and is well connected with the bus stops being only a 5-minute walk away. You also have the Victoria and Vauxhall tube stations only a 10-minute walk from the university.  

1. Tate Britain 🏛

Undoubtedly the best part about the location of the college is the fact that it is next door to the Tate (quite literally).

This means you have a great chance to witness some of the world’s best-known artworks and to find inspiration for your various projects. 

Entry is free with exciting exhibitions happening all year long, for which you can also get student discounts.  

the entrance to the tate Britain with two banners that read tate Britain and free for all

2. The White Swan 🍻

Need to blow off some steam after a long and tiring day?

Head down to the White Swan - which is very conveniently a minute’s walk away from the University - to catch some live sports and a pint (or two).

It is a classic English pub with great ambiance and a very friendly staff, perfect for celebrating submissions.  

the interior of the white swan pub depicting chandeliers, tables, chairs and people eating

3. Vauxhall Market 🛍

If you’re looking for great food on a budget, just cross over the Vauxhall bridge and enter the market place where you can get everything from delicious street foods from Mumbai and Sri Lanka to mouthwatering (and Instagrammable) doughnuts at BREADAHEAD Bakery.  

4. Musicals 🎶🎭

A 15-minute walk from the university will take you right into the heart of Victoria where you can catch some of the most highly rated musicals of all time such as Hamilton and Wicked, which will no doubt provide an unforgettable experience. 

You can also grab a quick bite and pint at Wetherspoon or walk over to Belgravia to enjoy a fancy meal in some of the best-known restaurants in London.  

5. Thrifting 👕

Reward yourself with some shopping by talking a short walk to Upper Tachbrook St where you can find cute, affordable, and preloved clothes, along with a number of lovely shops offering other accessories and knick knacks, including the adorable Kookie of London.  

You should also check out MrCAD which is like a camera museum in itself where you can find everything from film cameras to DSLRs.  

the front of a store

6. Explore the area 🌳

The area in itself is incredibly beautiful to just walk around (while listening to music = main character vibes), but if you are looking for a place to relax and sit down or have a cute picnic with your friends you should definitely check out Bessborough Gardens or Milbank Gardens, both being a short walk away.  

Other than that, you can always walk along the Thames and enjoy the scenic view offered by the London Eye, Big Ben, and marvel at the beautiful structures (including the famous MI5 building).

a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

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