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What you have achieved over the past year!

By BaxterStorey 02 May 2024

From fighting food waste to recycling like champions, you should all be proud of your achievements this year 🎉

To celebrate, we've put together a roundup of some of the great things you have accomplished, not only this year, but year on year!

Reducing food waste has always been a priority of ours, and you've definitely done your part in helping the planet too. 

Instead of letting quality food and perfectly good leftovers expire and simply be tossed away, we offer 50% off all of the unsold food in our canteens to avoid food waste on site. And...drum roll please 🥁

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But that's not all, do you know how many plates of food you've saved from going to waste from 2020–2023?

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Click here to find out more about everything we do to reduce food waste and how you can too! 

We can't forget about how loyal you've been in reducing your use of single-use cups and containers for your morning coffees and lunches through our loyalty cards.

Instead of choosing recyclable cups and takeaway boxes on campus, you have been rewarded with a stamp on your café loyalty card by getting your cuppas in one of our KeepCups or bringing in your own mug. Or your canteen loyalty card has been stamped for using our plates and cutlery or bringing in your own reusable container to get your 10th drink or meal one on the house. 

So far this year, you have managed to complete 30 café loyalty cards and 149 canteen loyalty cards. This means that you have been served 300 drinks in mugs or reusable cups and eaten 1,490 meals served on our plates or in your reusable Tupperware. 

However, from September 2020 to today, you have managed to fully stamp...

a reusable cup on a table

By using our loyalty scheme, not only have you saved more waste but also saved yourself some money every single month! 

If you're interested in everything else we do together to stay green, have a read our sustainability booklet

These are just some of the incredible victories you have achieved over the past four years and you should all be so proud of yourselves - you really are making not only our campus, but the world, a better place. 


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