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Arts SU Buddy Up! initiative

By UALSocial 06 Dec 2022

Going to University can be a stressful situation. Moving away from home and meeting new people can be a bit dawning, but at UAL we know how to help get past that awkward stage. 😉

The Arts SU's Advice Team are here to help and have launched a new and, so far, very successful Buddy Up! initiative. The initiative is designed so that you can be paired up with someone based on some simple criteria - all that is required is that you have a way of contacting your new buddy and that you study at UAL. You can fill out your details on this form.

In the form you can put information about yourself which will be used to make a connection with someone who has something in common with you. You can email, video call, swap phone numbers or meet in person… whatever works best for you both, all in the name of interaction collaboration and championing friendship.

For more information, you can visit the SU website. 😄

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