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Hannah's move in vlog | Sketch House

By UALHalls 30 Aug 2018

Hannah is a new student at London College of Fashion and has just moved into Sketch House. 

Here are a few words from her about her new life in London:

I have moved to London from a tiny northern seaside town called Lytham St Annes, which is just up the road from Blackpool.

I live at Sketch House and I am studying Creative Direction for Fashion at LCF. Moving to London has been so exciting for me as it’s helped me discover more about myself and express myself in ways I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing at home.

Sketch House is the most amazing place to call my home, it’s genuinely such a safe, lovely and community-led accommodation. I particularly love joining in with movie night and the quizzes in the common room.

It’s so easy to meet people. The first couple of weeks was obviously very crazy what with it being freshers and all. I’ve also loved making our flat a home with my flatmates, pinning up pictures and using throws and cushions to decorate, etc.

I have just started my course and I feel so positive about the whole situation. The best 3 years of my life have just begun!