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Top 10 films to watch on Netflix

By UALHalls 30 Mar 2020

Any Movie Fans out there?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Now is the best time to watch some films that have been on your watch list for a while!

There are hundreds of films out there that you can watch over the next upcoming weeks, but here are a few recommendations you can watch on Netflix!

1.    The Quiet Place

So, who ordered the terrifying thriller with a side of watching alone in the dark? In a world where sound will result in you being hunted, how would you live? If you study Creative Writing this might be the film for you, with minimal dialogue, how does the film communicate the story?

2.    Marriage Story

 Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, and Laura Dern star in this heart-wrenching story about finding love in a divorce. If you’re ready to witness some incredibly powerful acting and a simply perfect narrative then grab the popcorn.

3.    The Kings Speech

Colin Firth has done it again! His Oscar-Winning performance is one to watch in this film. If you are a fan of English history and want to follow King George VI while the world heads to the Second World War, then this is a must-watch! This gripping story is a real tear-jerker and won endless awards to prove the brilliance behind this film.

4.    Wonder Woman

All the women warriors out there will love this film! This Amazonian superhero leaves her world to destroy the enemy with a World War Two Pilot. The cinematography behind this is mesmerising, if you’re studying film this is definitely one to watch.

5.    IT 

 A classic horror by Stephen King, if you want goosebumps this is the one for you. A shapeshifter, disguised as a clown, luring children into his dungeon. It’s time for the children of Derry to come together to destroy this evil being.

6.    Shutter Island

 A thriller that plays on your mind. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo investigate the disappearance of a murderer who's escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane.

7.     Kiki’s Delivery Service

From the makers of Spirited Away, this film is about a young witch who moves away from home to practice her craft.  Whether you watch it for its stunning Japanese animation or the heartfelt storyline, it’s one that’ll leave you feeling inspired.

8.    Dunkirk

Do you want to learn more about British history?  In this film, allied soldiers from Belgium, France and the UK are surrounded by the German Army and need to evacuate a horrific battle in World War II, based on true events. A gripping dark film, illustrating the emotional fear of both soldiers and civilians.

9.    Call me by Your Name

 Set in Italy in 1983, a teenage boy builds a relationship with his father’s research assistant. Get the tissues ready because this film is sensual, emotional, and a truly beautiful love story.

10.    The Irishman

 A crime film of power and loyalty, the film centres around the relationship between a hitman and the mob in the 1950's and 70's. It’s a longer movie, but well worth the wait!

If you do fancy a movie night, but you don’t fancy it on your own, you can always join @UALsocial on Thursday nights. Before you ask, we are social distancing. In fact, we’re watching films using Netflix Party, so it will be like we are in the same room!