Sip into summer: New seasonal drinks on offer

Posted 4 weeks ago

Seasonal summer drinks never looked so good ☀️🌸

UAL summer term is here so you know what that drinks in our cafes. Get the inside scoop on what's new, find your new favourite below.  

Iced mango matcha latte

Make way for the new matcha in town! We're really turning it up a notch with our mango matcha, this refreshing drink is so delicious that even the matcha haters will think twice before turning this one down. Whether you've got a day of lectures, or need to get started on course work you don't want to miss this.  

Biscoff frappuccino

This delicious twist on a classic frappe is the perfect iced drink for when that spring sun appears. Made with coffee, vanilla, biscoff and oat milk, topped with whipped cream and a Lotus biscoff on top, this drink will be sure to satisfy those taste buds. So if you enjoy a sweet, iced coffee with a delicious twist, this Biscoff frappuccino will be your new firm favourite. 

Iced teas

Yes, you heard right, plural teas! Look no more for the freshest drink you'll have this summer, bursting with flavour our three iced teas will be right up your street, no matter your taste. Get your hands on the following iced teas at our catering outlets. 

🥤 Peach iced tea 

🥤 Cucumber, mint iced green tea

🥤 Iced lemon tea

LCF Matcha Frappe

The ultimate pick-me-up for those long study sessions and busy class days. Sold exclusively at our LCF campus head over to LimeGrove or East Bank and enjoy the stunning views of the London skyline whilst sipping on this delightful iced drink. 

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Treat yourself to one of our seasonal drinks today 🍵

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