5 jobs that fit around studying

Posted 2 years ago

Different types of student-friendly jobs to choose from

University is not cheap, and it’s common for students to take on jobs to supplement their income. However, there are many different types of student-friendly jobs to choose from and some you might not have even considered.

1. Work for UAL or the Student Union

What could be better than working for the university you study at? Not only will it look good on your CV, but the jobs are sympathetic to university hours and will often complement the course you are studying.

2. Arts Temps

There’s nothing to stop you from taking on freelance jobs before you finish studying. Check out Arts Temps, UAL’s in-house recruitment service, for lots of temporary and freelance jobs, including everything from creative temp roles to bar work. You can even work for them AFTER you graduate, so it's definitely worth it to sign up with them.

For international students, please make sure you know how many hours you are allowed to work, as well as what kind of work you can do. Arts Temps is international students-friendly, so make sure you check what they have to offer and you can always contact them with any questions you might have.

You can read more about Arts Temps and what they do here.

3. Childminding, tutoring and pet sitting

Although these do take some qualifications and experience, childminding and tutoring is a great way to earn money and can be very rewarding. If you’re not a fan of kids, there are many pet sitting agencies that allow you to control your hours, pay and availability and you get to spend time with animals. Check out: Cat in a Flat or Tailster.

4. Temp Agencies

You might find that you don’t want to tie yourself down to a job, but you have traditional student job experience like bar or restaurant work. Temp Agencies allow you to pick and choose events to work on at your leisure, all whilst exploring different venues across London. Check reviews and ask around for referrals before signing up to agencies, so you can find the one that best suits you. If you're unsure where to start, check out Stint, a student favourite.

5. Keep your job from home

Many companies that have a chain of stores will allow you to move location but keep your old job. This often eliminates the need for an interview/training. Usually, this is dependent on your employee review, so remember to keep high working standards to be in with the best chance when you ask your employer.

Don't forget that you must have an NIN (National Insurance Number) to be able to work in the UK. You can apply online, so my tip is to make sure you take care of that as soon as you can, as the process can be long and you might want to start working ASAP. 

You can also check out our article on how to get an NIN in the UK. Happy job hunting! 😄