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My top 10 series to watch on Netflix

By UALHalls 17 Feb 2021

With a bit more free time on our hands than usual, we have a chance to discover more shows and films to completely OBSESS over. I always struggle to find a decent show and can easily spend hours and hours scrolling through the ‘Hot this Week’ category just to find out that none of the recommendations is in fact, hot.   

I’ve created a list of binge-worthy shows and films that I can’t stop thinking about on Netflix. Hopefully, you’ll find something on here that you can enjoy!

Do you have any recommendations? Get in touch and let us know. Also, if you try any of my suggestions below I’d love to hear how you found them. You can message us on Instagram.

1.    The Crown

Any history fans out there? The Crown is an award-winning series with an all-star cast, featuring the likes of Olivia Colman, Matt Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, and Josh O’Connor (just to name a few). It follows 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II as she is faced with the daunting future of leading England through the Twentieth Century. If the monarchy is not your ‘cup of tea’ (I had to say it), then you can find pleasure in the stunning costuming and set design!

2.    Black Mirror

Oof. Make sure you’re ready for this series. This might be the one for you with each episode completely different from the last. It’s an anthology series exploring a high-tech multiverse where humanity’s greatest technological innovations and darkest desires collide. If you’re looking for something that’ll make you question whether technology has gone too far, you *must* watch this.

3.    Sex Education

The clue is in the title. Set in an English high school, we get to know Otis, a teenage boy whose mother is a sex therapist, and his friends as they discover the world of sex. This show is hilarious, diverse, and genuinely educational! If you’re feeling a bit saucy, or just want something feel-good, give this a watch.

4.    Pose

 Written by Ryan Murphy (of American Horror Story), Pose is set in the New York ballroom scene of the early 1990s. Expect high drama, major fashion, and heartwarming stories.

5.    Peaky Blinders

Want to live your old gangster fantasy? Well, this series follows a criminal family and the troubles they get into in early 19th century Birmingham.

6.    You

This is a love story you won’t find in Disney films (hopefully). With strong reviews and high critical acclaim, admiration turns into an obsession with this thrilling psychological series. 

7.    Living with Yourself

Raise your hand if you like Paul Rudd 🙌. So what could we want more of this new series? This comedy illustrates how a struggling man undergoes new treatment to become a better version of himself.

8.    Sherlock

 Do you like a good mystery? Or even just Benedict Cumberbatch 🤤? This series presents many mystery tales which Sherlock must solve. It’s set in modern-day London, so see if you can recognise any of the filming locations!

9.    Friday Night Dinner

 The fish and chips of comedy, two brothers go home every Friday night for dinner, what could possibly go wrong in this comedy series?

10.    Love is blind

I’m sorry. I know you’re thinking ‘not another bloody matchmaking show’, but, This. Is. Addictive. This show helps people meet and get engaged before ever seeing each other!

We hope that these series will help keep you entertained during this period of social distancing. Make the most of it! It's every day we can lie in bed binging Netflix series all day. 

Remember, you can join our weekly Netflix Party and watch the same film as other students in halls every Thursday evening.  

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