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GIFs to make you smile and stress less

By UALHalls 05 Dec 2017

There is no denying a cute picture of a pet can spark an instant ‘aww’ but what you may not realise is the presence of animals can be a form of therapy to reduce stress. 

You can't deny that these little bundles of joy don't put a smile on your face...

After a long day in the library?
fun funny animals cute rabbit rabbit funny

When you and all your mates are super excited for a rare night out...
animals happy jumping butterfly penguins

When you're in a study group and you're going over and over the same notes...
cat adorable kitten cute cat aww

You are either having too many naps...sleepy cat GIF

or not enough...

tired kitten GIF

When you feel like all your friends are ahead of you and you are slipping behind...

animated baby animals GIF

But actually, you are doing awesome. Put it there...

cat good job GIF

And just remember... 

in love cat GIF

Soon you will be waving 'Hello' to Christmas and goodbye to coursework!
hello hey hiya bear hi

Remember you can always speak to your Wellbeing Peer if you are feeling down. Get in contact by emailing (please reference your hall in the subject line). 

Please be reassured that everything you discuss will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively.