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10 things that are only acceptable in London

By TabethaB 09 Aug 2017

  1. Standing REALLY close to people on the tube
    You are definitely inside at least three people’s personal bubbles but you have places to be and you’ve run out of time and patience.

  2. Having McDonald's delivered to you
    It’s one in the morning, you have a deadline tomorrow and you need something to hold your sanity together. A McFlurry delivered straight to your halls door is the answer.

  3. Never ever going to Oxford Street on a Saturday
    You will only ever do this once, then never ever again.

  4. Treating Tourist attractions like war zones
    Going to the Natural History museum or Leicester square whilst the Kids are on holiday is a lot like trying to survive the end of the world. People are screaming, everyone’s running into each other, the food has gone...

  5. Honestly consider taking the day off because of a tube strike
    Those two words strike fear into any Londoner. You set your alarm clock two hours earlier than normal and try to mentally prepare yourself for the next 24 hours.

  6. Not talking to anyone, ever
    Yes your noses might be touching on the tube, but you don’t utter a word and try to desperately not make eye contact.

  7. Living in active wear
    This city moves too fast to wear anything but trainers. You might think that you can beat it, but eventually you will be worn down by blisters and swollen feet and join the rest of us.

  8. Buying expensive coffee that you can’t really afford...
    because we need it not want it!

  9. Walks become your thing
    If you often drive everywhere in your home town, you will become shocked at how your attitude changes towards walking. Sometimes you need to be at a destination 4 tubes stops away, but you will decide to walk 'to clear your head'. Seems like an alien concept now, but by doing this you can discover so many places you wouldn't see on your underground commute.

  10. And for all these reasons, you love London.
    Yes, as Londoners we like to complain a lot. However, it's all of these little quirks and differences that make us fall in love with the city too. 
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