10 top tips for staying on top of your uni work

Posted 3 years ago

Top tips for staying organised and prepared for uni work

It might be difficult to stay organised as you get busier throughout the term, but don’t stress! Take a look at our top 10 tips below for staying organised and on top of your uni work. 

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1. Write it down

Let’s be real - no matter how great you think your memory is, it’s highly likely that some stuff will slip through the cracks.

Whether it’s in a planner or your phone’s notes app, writing everything down is one of the simplest and easiest things you can do in order to stay organised and on top of your work. 

2. Create a weekly or monthly calendar plan

Having a weekly or monthly calendar handy and writing everything in it can be a useful way to actually visualise your priorities. Using a calendar will allow you to see how much time you actually have to get stuff done. 

There are TONS of free websites that allow you to download and print calendar templates.

Or, you can also use digital calendars. Some of my favourites are the Apple calendar, Google calendar and TimeTree

3.  Create task categories

Creating task categories is another useful and methodological approach to keeping organised. 

Organising tasks by priority like low-medium-high priority categories can really help you manage your tasks when you feel overwhelmed. This means you can focus on the high priority tasks, rather than wasting time on tasks that aren't as important. 

4. Get by with a little help from your friends

Having support from others can be really motivating! Why not reach out to your friends to form study or productivity groups?

Getting together whether it’s via Zoom or around your kitchen table can provide everyone with a supportive space where you can accomplish tasks together. 

5. Get a head start on things if you have the chance

Don’t - I repeat, DO NOT - procrastinate! It’s so much better to get a head start on your tasks when you have the time instead of waiting and panicking at the last possible moment. Your future self will thank you. 

6. Talk to your tutor 

This is a really challenging time for everyone, and your tutors will understand if you are struggling. If you’re finding it difficult to stay organised and on top of assignments, try reaching out to your tutor to discuss your concerns. 

That way, they will know what’s going on, can offer you additional support or signpost you to the university services that can help you.

7. Organise your devices and workspace

Keeping your devices and workspace organised can make you much more organised overall. Take some time to remove old or unnecessary files from your laptop and properly clean and declutter your desk or workspace.

Having a neat workspace will put you in a much better headspace to feel productive and keep the momentum going!

8. Learn how to say no

It’s totally normal to be eager to start personal projects outside of your uni work, but it’s also important to know your limits.

If you’re feeling too much pressure from projects or work outside of uni, you have every right to turn something down to finish your other priorities first. You can always take on additional work when you feel more confident with your workload.

9. Support your wellbeing

Your wellbeing is the most important thing. If you feel too stressed with your work, take a step back and take some time to de-stress by doing something you enjoy. Setting some time aside daily or weekly to take a well-needed break and engage in something non-work related can really help you stay productive and organised.

Halls Life hosts weekly and termly events that will give you an outlet to take the break you deserve!

10. Take a deep breath and remember, it takes time

Take a deep breath. You may have a lot to do on top of your uni work, but you’ll do it! 

Following even just a few of these simple steps can be really useful but remember it won't happen overnight. Give yourself some time and start with taking some baby steps. 

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