5 things I learnt working with Halls Life

Posted 4 years ago

There are some jobs where you don’t learn too much...

... Then there are jobs like this… that teach you lessons you’ll carry with you to jobs after you’ve left this one. ❤️

My name is Zahraa and these are five things I’ve learnt working with the Halls Life team:

1. Communication is key

spongebob communication gif

You’d think this would be a given but believe me that’s not always the case. Good communication allows you to be honest about your own circumstances with management (my managers are always understanding). It increases productivity across the board, encourages engagement within the team (who knows you could find a new bestie at work 😉), and overall just makes life a hell of a lot easier! 

2. Master your craft

The Halls Life team has always encouraged me to be better at what I am good at, as well as what I'm not. With their encouragement and support, I have come to understand that it is my responsibility to be the best I can be. If you are excellent, people notice. 

Think about it, you go to KFC and somebody gives you extra napkins and sachets of sauce, you notice right? You want that person every time you go to KFC, because even at KFC, excellence shows itself, so if you have new ideas, pitch them; if you’ve been doing work behind the scenes, show it off. 

3. Surround yourself with great people

I’m fortunate to have had great people surrounding me at work throughout my three years with Halls Life. What I have come to realise is that working with my team I can go further and be better. 

You've got to surround yourself with those who want to lift you. Collectively we as a team share the same goal, to better the student experience at UAL. We push each other to be better. If you’re lucky, you might even find a friend in a colleague (that’s when you know you’re working with great people).

4. Appreciate what you have

In this role I’ve met countless students from different places with different stories. I've learnt over time that everyone has their own demons (including myself), and sometimes that can put us in a tough spot. 

We really should appreciate what we have, when our mental health is good, when the sun is out, or when your manager plays a Disney song to cheer you up! 

We really should be saying thank you more than we do. Working as a Halls Committee member requires you to be aware of different cultures, religions, and upbringings. It gave me an appreciation of my own situation, as well as a sense of gratitude for a programme that tries to celebrate everyone too. 

5. Have fun!

Working isn’t supposed to be all doom and gloom! I’ve been fortunate to have a job that is really fun in it’s own right.

I mean did you read the job descriptions? Who wouldn’t want this job?! 

But jokes aside, no matter the job you do, try to find the fun in it, or try to bring the energy to it, because even though it may not be your dream job, it will always be a step towards it. 

To put it plainly, you need fun to keep sane, and THAT is what I learnt with the Halls Life team. 👏😉

Well, that’s it from me, you’ve heard my top five lessons learnt after working with Halls Life over my three years. If it didn’t click, most of these can apply outside of your work life too, so I hope this helped and you are living your best (fun) life! 🥳