6 top brainfood tips for deadlines

Posted 5 years ago

To help you maintain your optimum, focused self! 💪🏼

These easy tips and food will help boost your energy and concentration during stressful deadline periods. To help you maintain your optimum, focused self! 💪🏼

1. Bananas 🍌

Full of potassium, they are proven to produce energy & reduce tiredness & fatigue. You’d be bananas not to take advantage.

2. Water 💦

Never overlook the power of H2O as water can improve so many bodily functions, including quick thinking and focus.

3. Broccoli 🥦

Without giving you flashbacks from your childhood of sitting at the dinner table, “eat your broccoli!”. Just adding this vegetable to your regular meals is proven to boost cognitive function.

4. Eat Real Bar

Best ate first thing as they are full of fruit, nuts & oats which are slow releasers of energy throughout your day.

5. Pumpkin Seeds 🎃

Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, which enhances memory skills. These are great as a small, healthy side snack and you can alternatively add them to your meals, such as soup.

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6. Green Tea 🍵We would all appreciate stronger mental accuracy and speed, but perhaps turning to the routine flat white or latte why not try a cup of green tea after your lunch, which will also assist with digestion.