Brunch and Local Area Tour


08 Sep 2024






Halls Entrance/Reception

No need for a map or GPS 🗺

Your Halls Committees are here to show you around your new area.

It’s important to know your local area if you want to feel connected to a community outside your hall - or just know where to get late-night groceries.

These tours are not that different from tourist walking tours of central London. Think student iconic attractions — the local coffee shops, late-night kebab shops, local parks, bus/train/tube stops, and Tesco 🤩. It’s also very important to know which pubs are open the latest. 👀

Just meet at your Hall's reception and your Halls Committees will take you around and show you all of these, as well as prepare a special brunch just for you. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know your local area and your new hallmates. 🙌🏼

Your Halls Committees will be selecting and providing the brunch, we always try to cater for all major dietary requirements but if you ask your committee they can always keep specific needs in mind for future events.