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Charges lists for UAL Halls

By UALHalls 18 Jun 2023

We understand that things might get broken during your time in halls. Although we won’t charge you if it really was an accident, sometimes we may have to pass on a cost.

To make sure are fully aware of any possible future charges you could incur whilst living in halls, we have put together a list of damage, replacement, and cleaning costs that relate to this site. 

If you have any questions about your damage charges, please speak to your Residence Manager or Halls team. 

  • Brooke Hall:
Brooke_Hall_-_Charges_List_.pdf (45KB)

  • Cordwainers Court:
Cordwainers_Court_-_Charges_List_.pdf (102KB)

  • Gardens House:
Gardens_House_-_Charges_List.pdf (94KB)

  • Glassyard Building:
Glassyard_Building_-_Charges_List_-2.cleaned.pdf (93 KB)

  • Highline Building:
Highline_Building_-_Charges_List_-2.cleaned.pdf (95 KB)

  • Portland House:
Portland_House_-_Charges_List.pdf (53KB)

  • Sketch House:
Sketch_House_-_Charges_List_-2.cleaned.pdf (97 KB)

  • The Costume Store:
The_Costume_Store_-_Charges_List.pdf (55KB)


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