Blackbullion: Helping you to stay financially safe

Posted 4 months ago

Find out how you could win a £500 emergency fund!

As part of this year’s National Student Money Week (4th-8th March) we wanted to tell you all about Blackbullion! 

Read on to find out how you could win a £500 emergency fund!

So, what is Blackbullion? Blackbullion is a free digital platform for University students which you can access on the web or through their app. They are on a mission to develop your financial confidence, knowledge, skills and empower you to make better financial decisions. 

It can be tough to juggle your finances when studying, especially in London. This week we are showing you ways to better manage your money, how to budget effectively and share resources to help you take control!

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Make sure to make the most of the resources and training they have available to help you stay financially healthy at University. You’ll find helpful information on:

- Scholarships

- Paying off student debt

- Budget calculators

- What funding options you may be entitled to via their Funding Hub 

Following the theme of this year Student Money Week, which is focused on financial Risks, Blackbullion is providing a free risk training to learn more about the topic. If you complete the training between the 4th - 15th March you will also be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £500 emergency fund.

Not bad hey!

Worrying about money can feel overwhelming, let Blackbullion ease your stress and help with your financial wellbeing. 

You can follow Blackbullion on socials here and make sure to check our National Student Money Week page for more tips, tricks and guides!  


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