How to get proof of address and landlord reference

Posted 1 year ago

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When moving in and out of halls there are certain letters you may need to show where you live and that you’ve been a good tenant. Here is a breakdown of what letters you might need, when you might need them and how to get them! 

What is a proof of address letter?

You may need to present to proof of address letter to a bank or doctors' surgery to show that you are living permanently at a fixed address in the UK. 

What is a landlord reference letter?

When you move out of halls into private accommodation, you may be asked to provide a landlord reference. To show that you are a good tenant, who has not caused any damage, and do not have any outstanding charges on your rent account.  

How do I access these letters?

Once you have checked in, log into your accommodation portal. Check at the top of the screen that you are looking at the correct academic year if you have stayed in halls for longer than one year. 

You will then need to click on the ‘When you arrive’ tab and select either ‘Landlord letter request’ or ‘Proof of address’, and then click 'print' in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can then either print a copy of the letter or share it as an attachment if you are sending this on to a private landlord or estate agent.

Why am I unable to access my landlord reference letter on my account?

If you are unable to access your landlord reference letter it may be because there are outstanding charges on your account. It will not be possible for us to issue a comprehensive reference stating that your account is up to date and there are no rental or cleaning/damage charge arrears unless you have paid all monies due to the University. 

Please bear in mind that most reference agencies require this assurance, so it is in your interest to clear your account promptly. Once you have made any outstanding payments, your reference letter should become available.  

If you are still unsure how to access your landlord reference or proof of address letters, do not worry you can always speak to a member of your hall’s team once you arrive! 

If you do have any other questions, you can always speak to our team Accommodation Advisors:

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