An artist's checklist: look after your hall

Posted 4 years ago

All residents that live in halls are creative in some way🎨

We love this about you all! However, sometimes accidents happen with art materials that cause expensive damage in the hall. It's important for you all to be careful when working on your art in halls so that your fellow residents and future residents can still enjoy a clean and tidy space.

Check out our top 10 tips below:

  • Spray paint: All kinds of spray paints (including airbrushes) should be used outside on covered surfaces only. It’s a huge safety risk to use them inside, they set off our smoke detectors too.
  • Candle wax: We’ve had fires due to residents melting candle wax, it should NEVER be used inside if it needs to be heated. Cold wax carving can take place indoors.
  • Oil-based paint: Oil-based paint should only be used on covered surfaces – removing it involves using turpentine which is a restricted material for halls staff so we usually have to paint over it. Be extra careful! 
  • Hot tools: Certain hot tools are completely banned (e.g., soldering irons) however items such as hot glue guns can be used on covered surfaces only. If you're ever unsure which tool you're allowed to use, please check with the staff at reception. 
  • Dangerous chemicals: Dangerous chemicals such as turpentine, white spirit or photographic chemicals should be stored safely in sealed bottles in bedrooms ONLY. Any unsafe chemistry or chemistry found in communal areas will be confiscated.
  • Blades and sharp items: These should only be used on top of a cutting mat and stored safely after use.
  • Wet work: Any wet work (e.g., involving glue, paint, etc) should take place on covered surfaces only.
  • Large items: Items stored in rooms such as mannequins or easels must not obstruct fire exits or create trip hazards. This is very important!
  • Material dying: Dying of fabric should ONLY take place in non-carpeted rooms such as bathrooms to prevent spillages onto the carpets!
  • Ask us if you're not sure: If you're ever unsure if you should be doing something in the hall please ask at reception and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to give you advice. 

art gif

And most of all, enjoy creating your masterpieces! 

Don't forget if you're at The Costume Store or the Glassyard Building that you have a dedicated workspace for you to do your artwork on. Please use this space as you can be messy here! Ask the staff at reception if you need more details.