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Posted 3 weeks ago

Here's an update on the Glassyard building works next year

Here's an update on the planned building works that will affect students moving into Glassyard next year.

Starting this summer 2024 and for the next academic year 2024-25, there will be some refurbishment works taking place in the Glassyard Building. Works are programmed to start on 1 July 2024 and finish on 17 April 2025.  

If you are moving into this hall in 2024/2025, we have compiled some useful FAQS about these planned building works, so please read through them carefully to understand how you could be affected by these upgrades.

FAQs for students moving into Glassyard Building in September 2024

Why are these works taking place? The refurbishment works are part of the hall's lifecycle; a programme to maintain fixtures, fittings, furniture and decorations. The works include: 

  • Fire door upgrades.
  • New floor coverings in all communal areas, kitchens, bedrooms and ensuites.
  • Re-decoration throughout the hall.
  • New kitchen cabinets, worktops, and window blinds.
  • Replacement of some furniture and fittings.

What does this mean for residents at Glassyard? 

  • Contractors will be working on site from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday.  
  • There is likely to be some disruption from noise and dust from the areas being worked on. 
  • Residents will see contractors in and around the hall. They will be clearly identifiable. 
  • Works will be taking place in 4 flats at any one time: 2 flats will be occupied and 2 empty.   
  • Fire door upgrade work will take place in the 2 occupied flats and refurbishment works in the unoccupied flats. In occupied flats, works will not start until 10am. 
  • Once door works have been completed in the 2 occupied flats, the residents in these flats will move to the 2 newly refurbished flats.   
  • Flat moves will take place over a weekend every 2 weeks for 2 groups of flat residents only.   
  • There will be a porter on hand to help with the movement of your possessions, but you will need to pack everything yourself.   
  • Once in the newly refurbished flat you will not need to move again. 

I am a study abroad student and will be moving into the Halls in September 2024. Will I be affected by these building works?

  • You should have received a separate email from us about how these changes will affect you during the upgrades. Please get in contact with us if didn't receive this information or if you have any further questions.

How will you be kept updated? 

  • We are working with Fresh and Watkin Jones (WJ) to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum for all residents and together with Fresh and WJ we will be in regular communication with you about the refurbishment and when you will need to move. 
  • Those moving will be contacted about the relocation process at the time and will be offered support and guidance.  
  • The building is staffed 24/7 and a UAL Manager will be on duty Out of Hours and contactable via staff in the building.  

What if I no longer want to live in Glassyard Building? 

  • The Glassyard Building is a great place to live and a really popular choice for our students. We are committed to making your time at the hall as enjoyable as possible and will be doing all we can to minimise disruption.  
  • If you have a disability or medical condition that would make it difficult for you to move rooms or you would like to be considered for an alternative hall, then please let us know by return email before 12 July so we can look at prioritising you. This will be subject to availability and places may be limited. A new offer, if availability permits, may not be one of your original hall preferences and will be sent to you on the 16 July. Tenancy agreements and rental amounts may be different to those at Glassyard as they will be for the alternative hall. Deposits will be refunded in full or transferred over if the offer is for another Hall where the tenancy agreement is with UAL directly.
  • If you have declared a disability or medical condition on your accommodation application, or would like to declare one at this stage, please email the Accommodation Disability Liaison Team on by 12 July so that they can support you further.
  • Please remember that you retain the right to cancel your tenancy agreement up until the day before your tenancy start date. If you cancel your tenancy agreement, we cannot guarantee you a room in another hall. However, we can send you information about the rooms still available, as well as the contact details for our Private Accommodation Advisor and links to private student accommodation provided by our partners. 

What if I move into Glassyard Building and then change my mind? 

  • If you move into Glassyard Building this September, the normal terms and conditions will apply to your tenancy agreement. We recommend you read through them thoroughly. 
  • If you then require further information about the Early Release Request process, please ask a member of our team.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your tenancy, the building works or anything related to accommodation please reach out to us by emailing

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