UAL now offers guarantor service to help students

Posted 2 weeks ago

Finding a private rental in London can be character-building

Our partnership with UK Guarantor Housing Hand will assist you with private rental applications

The pressure of finding a private rental in London is character-building, to say the least 👀 

When you are applying for a private rental, most landlords will ask you to provide a guarantor, which essentially means you will need to list someone who agrees to pay your rent or damages if you cannot make a payment.  

For various reasons, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to provide a guarantor, especially for our international students. This is where are our new UAL partnership becomes very… handy. 😏 

Our new Guarantor Service in association with Housing Hand will provide students with a qualifying UK Guarantor to relieve some of the stresses faced when applying for a private rental.

FAQs about UK Guarantor Housing Hand

What does it cost? As part of the service, all UK, EU and international students will receive a discounted fee of 5% if you pay the fee upfront, or 5.5% if you pay in 12 monthly instalments of your annual tenancy agreement.  

To support our care leavers and estranged students, we are working with Housing Hand to offer a no co-signer required, guarantor service to qualifying students. This is a slightly increased rate of 6.5% due to the lack of co-signer, and for these instances, students are asked to email Dean of Students, Mark Crawley. 

What does it cover? You will be covered for the full amount of rent, as well as any damages, dilapidations and professional eviction costs incurred during your tenancy. 

What is the guarantor length? If you are wanting to apply for this service, you will be able to obtain a guarantor for a minimum of 6 to 12 months.  

How to apply: Before you apply, you will need to have the following documents ready: 

  • Proof of student: correspondence from UAL dated within the last year, a UCAS form or a Student ID 
  •  Proof of ID :  this can be a passport, drivers license or a national ID document 
  •  Co-Signer Details : This is someone we can get in touch with if we can't contact you. They can't be an existing Housing Hand Customer  

When can I apply? You can apply now for the Housing Hand Guarantor Service.  

Want to know how Housing Hand works? Hit play on this video below for a quick overview.  

How it works

To find out more information about this new UAL guarantor service, visit our Housing Hand website

To ensure you have done everything to set up you up in your new rental, take a read of our Private Accommodation Moving-in Checklist.  

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