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Opening a student bank account in the UK

By UALHalls 10 Sep 2019

Once you're in London it's important to remember to set up your student bank account, which could be your first ever UK bank account. With this trusty guide it could never be less complicated...

Why might you set up a UK student account? It is extremely important for a number of reasons such as…

  • To pay in money from family or an employer
  • To shop
  • It's useful for when you need to apply/extend your student visa
  • It means you can avoid overseas card charges
  • To keep your money safe
  • To withdraw cash (which you will definitely need at some point)
  • Pay bills

The UK has a wide range of banks but when it comes to starting a student account many banks offer many complimentary services or freebies.

These can often be the deciding factor of which bank to open your account with. So check out what has been voted the ‘Best Buy’ student account of 2018/19 and their benefits.

Why not use the Money Saving Expert Student Account Compare Tool to find out more about these benefits and terms in more details? 

(Source: Money Saving Expert)

When you choose where to set up your account you can visit a branch or set up an appointment.

When you are ready to go, make sure you take these items:

  • Your passport and student visa (or your national photo ID card if you are from an EU country).
  • The bank may also ask for a 'bank letter' from the University. Request this from your college office.
  • Proof of your home address in your country. Your university offer letter or proof of enrolment addressed to your overseas address is usually sufficient.

Please also note, for proof of your UK address your UAL Hall contract is valid.