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two dispensers filled with rice and lentils on top of a table that is decorated with a lined table cover, an event calendar and paper decorations


Zero Waste Tuck Shop

By UALHalls 28 Jan 2023

Launched at the Services Fair that was held in LCC, Accommodation Services have been delivering a zero-waste initiative across the common room halls. ♻️

Every month you’ll find free-to-take dry ingredients in your common room and a suggested recipe. Just bring along your own jar or tub to help us reduce plastic waste alongside picking up some free food. 🤩

Recipes so far have included green Split Pea and Barley Soup, Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry, Spinach with Sweet Potato and Lentil Dahl.

If you would like to suggest a recipe for us to supply you with, then please email You can also talk to your fabulous Hall Committees at events, and you will see it in your common room shortly after.