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Why I returned and lived in halls for 3 years

By UALHalls 04 Feb 2022

You may be thinking hard about whether or not you want to stay in Halls of Residence again next year and so you should.

It is a big decision to make and everyone has to figure out what is right for them. 

To help while you plan for next year and make your choice, I have been asked to write this article about my experience.

I stayed in halls of residence for my whole degree. Yes, a whole 3 years and as you will find out this isn’t uncommon.

There were a lot of reasons for my choice too, but here I have broken it down into 3 main categories for you to consider: 

1. The actual hall

I was living in a Standard Ensuite Room at The Costume Store, while I studied Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion.

This meant my lectures were based at the High Holborn or John Princes Street campuses. Therefore, my commute was too good to give up.

I also really enjoyed the local area, everything I wanted was in reaching distance. It was also so easy to get to my favourite places like Westfield, Soho and even Shoreditch.

A lot of my friends after moving out of halls went into a shared house,  and stayed very close to this local area for the rest of their degree too.

I did have to consider that for the same rent budget I’d probably have been able to find a room in a shared house with a double bed whilst, I had a single bed in halls. Yet after being spoilt with my first ever ensuite bathroom, I definitely preferred and prioritised this aspect.

2. Money

I had been a little irresponsible with money during my first year *flashbacks triggered*, so I loved the fact I could pay my rent termly and when my student loan came in. So, I didn’t have to worry if I was budgeting my money correctly enough to pay the rent and keep on top of all of the bills at the end of each month. In halls, after you pay your termly rent, everything is covered, all bills and even insurance which was reassuring.

I also loved that if I knew if I was a little strapped on cash, after some impulsive trips to Westfield perhaps, I wasn’t going to be stuck in my room and unable to leave until I did have some money. 

The Social Programme in halls meant I could go ahead to the common room and attend at least 3 weekly events for free. This was comforting to know and was a great selling point to my parents.

3. People ❤️️

-       The sweetest and most important part for me. 

So, coincidentally and we had not organised this between us, 3 of my flatmates from my first year also applied to stay in halls for our second year.

I actually had 3 flatmates which also ended up staying with me the whole 3 years too. I knew plenty of other people living in other flats in the hall who done the same thing too! There was one legend who stayed there for 4 years (foundation + BA course 😊).

Another great thing about this, is the huge amount of people you meet throughout the different years in halls. I am still really close to people from first, second and third year, who are all in different friendship groups.

Overall, for me I loved the community vibe, which it is rare to experience anywhere else.

I think this helped me feel really settled in halls of residence, which is maybe why I chose to apply to stay. Or maybe I am just lazy and couldn’t be bothered to move. 

Whatever may be your personal preferences, hopefully, my summary has got you thinking and will help you find what is best for you. 

Find out more about returning to halls here.

Alternatively, you can visit us at Floor 4 High Holborn (8am-6pm), call us on +44(0)20 7514 6240 or email us