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What type of Instagrammer are you?

By UALHalls 03 Jul 2017

Let's see what type of Instagrammer you are more inclined to be!

Who do you prefer to do in your spare time?

a) Spend time with bae
Go shopping
Go to the pub with the squad
Hit the gym
Try out a new restaurant
Explore a new place

Do you use filters?

a) I prefer black and white 
b) Always, do people not? 
c) Sometimes, but I prefer to collage memories more
d) Any that makes the picture bold and bright- X-Pro II?
e) Yes, they add an artsy atmosphere
f) #nofilterneeded #ever

How many followers do you have?

a) 0-200
b) 200-500 but I don't know them all 
c) 500-1000 and I know all of them!
d) 1000-1500 #fitspo
e) 1500-2000
f) 2000+ friends and followers worldwide

You prefer your friends to be...

a) Not too time-consuming
b) Complementary
c) Easygoing 
d) Active
e) Open-minded
f) Adventurous

Your Twitter and Pinterest feeds are filled with...

a) Life quotes
b) Clothes & shoe wishlists
c) Cocktail recipes
d) Ab exercises, lycra, and protein shake suggestions
e) Food porn
f) Travel bucket lists

Pick a hashtag:

a) #love
b) #followme
c) #squadgoals
d) #fitfam
e) #food
f) #instagood


Mostly a's- Mr and Mrs, Can You Not...

Couples who 'gram together stay together, right? If you don't have a joint account you probably should because you post pictures of each other like there's no tomorrow. You've probably lost a fair few followers from weekend #datenights- at least the remaining are all friends and will always like your photos...

Mostly b's- The Selfie Fanatic

The king/queen of Instagram. You spend hours perfecting your morning pose so when friends scroll through your camera roll they trek through 50 pictures of the same photo! It's no wonder you have admirers as you're obviously creative, with such a variety of filters and hashtags...#selfie #face #me

Mostly c's- The Ever So sociable

You're at every social event, always with a different group and are the life of the party. People envy your strong friendships and wonder how you have the energy to keep them going. Whether it's a festival, the races, or just a cinema trip, you will be there (and be the first to post pictures after)! #squadgoals

Mostly d's- The Gym Goer

It's all about the #gainz. You post several times daily to let followers see your meal prep and #progress photos, and use bright filters to show off your Gold Standard pre-workout. You're always the first person people go to for a pep talk #eatcleantrainmean.

Mostly e's- The Foodie

Whether trying out new hotspots or hitting you favourite cafe, you Insta every meal; coffee; dessert, that passes your lips. Chain restaurants aren't really your thing, however, you know how to make a Big Mac look artsy when required. 

Mostly f's- The Travel Blogger

People are convinced you're eternally on holiday with your pictures immersed in a world of white beaches and sea turtles, sporting baggy genie trousers- which you'll wear non-stop! The only photo warping you need is panorama, because hot climes, blue skies, and bronze skin make for awe-inspiring pictures.