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Tunes to pass the time

By UALSocial 10 Feb 2021

Listening to music helps to boost productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, therefore improving your health all round!

Our Social Programme Halls Reps Hayley, Laura, Zahraa and Niharika have been hard at work creating playlists just for you.

*Brand new*

Self-love gooey playlist

This Valentine's Day, no matter how you are spending it enjoy this cheesy, gooey lovey dovey playlist that we've made. 

Go know you want to! 

Memories with your flatmates

Make some new fun memories with your  flat, this playlist will help spread the joy!

From pop, to rock, to absolute classic…we have all genres to cater to all your musical needs! And please…when you do start dancing…embrace the dad dance moves! 

Sunshine from the Inside

Do your cheeks ever start to ache when you’ve been smiling too much? Do you know that warm feeling when you get when you’re super happy?

This playlist has been created to give that joy and optimism in your day, whether you’re working, cooking or chilling safe at home. A mixture of indie rock, reggae and classics, you’ll either start tapping your foot or unexpectedly dance. Either way, we hope that this playlist will be the soundtrack to your day!

Virtual Workout Bangers

Whether you’re joining in with our virtual workout sessions or you just need some music to motivate your own personal exercise, we have the perfect 2 hours and 55 minutes’ worth of upbeat work out music for you!

Ranging from old school pop to drum and base, this playlist will keep your muscles pumping and your face smiling, making the workout entirely more effective!

It caters for everyone, especially if you want to go on a hardcore run or you are repeating workout moves

Remember to always warm up and cool down before and after your exercise. You might consider listening to a slower song for this part of your session.

Energiser Playlist

Hayley has put some power into this energiser playlist. A selection of tunes that energise her.

Study Playlist

This playlist is motivational featuring upbeat chill indie rock to help you concentrate when studying.  

Indian Mix

This playlist has been created with a mix of classic old school, party, desi and bollywood bangers.

Have a listen to our playlists and the beats will keep you feeling inventive and motivated, to ensure that you produce the best work you can this year. Keep coming back for the latest updates as this article changes with new and improved playlists. 

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