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Tom's life in halls

By UALHalls 04 May 2016

Studying at Camberwell College of Arts this September? Check out all about Tom, his life at college and how he finds living in halls.


Tell us about yourself... 

 Tom Ashley, Fine Art: Painting, Camberwell Campus, first year.


How do you travel to college?

I travel to college by foot as it's just next door!


What are your top 5 places in the local area?

Peckhamplex, The Tiger, Burgess Park, the old dispensary and Lucas Gardens.


What’s your favourite part of the Social Programme?

I enjoy the variety in the Social Programme. How some events revolve around being active with other people and others are just snuggling up to watch a film!


Do you enjoy the independence of halls?

I think the level of independence that you experience when living in halls provides a great stepping stone. I've also found it to be a great way to make friends.


Where are you aiming to live next year?

I really like this part of London, so hopefully I'll remain in the area. If not Camberwell, then Peckham.


What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I'm putting together the concepts for my final piece, a work that is built from violent imagery to create a less direct interpretation. 


What inspires you the most about London life?

London is such a varied and fast paced place. It is comprised of such culture and creativity, it's hard not to take on its energy in a beneficial way. 


Image: Allen, C.

Work: Akachi, K.