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Tara's move in vlog

By UALHalls 31 Jul 2018

Check out Tara's vlog on her move in experience this September, from when she moved all the way from suburban Michigan (U.S.) to Will Wyatt Court!

Check out what she had to say about the experience...

"The month before leaving for London (August) was a month full of final summer trips and lots of goodbyes. In the beginning of the video, I’m in an area near my house in suburban Michigan. It’s one of my favourite places where I live and it was kind of a nostalgic moment before I left to start my journey.

The rest of the events that followed were a calm progression. Basically, I slept a lot on September 1st, especially on the car ride to the Toronto Airport in Canada.

Once I arrived in London it was a busy time of going to markets, enrollment, and trying to meet people and stay involved, while attending an Art History course. I’m excited, though, for my interior design courses at Chelsea College of Arts, and the adventures that are to come."

We hope you have a fantastic time in halls Tara!