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Taboo Tuesdays | Here to stay! Get over it

By UALHalls 24 Jan 2023

We're here. We're Queer. Get over it. 🌈❤️

Date Tuesday 7 February
Time 6pm - 7:30pm
Location London College of Communication (LCC) - Lecture Theatre A 
Price FREE 🥳

At UAL, we are dedicated to creating a safe environment for everyone, especially those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. 🌈

In response to the recent news that a petition to remove LGBTQ+ education from UK schools is gathering traction, we want highlight the importance of embracing your identity and not being afraid to share it. 

As part of Activities Week across UAL, the Social Programme is inviting you to a free talk about talking all things expression, coming out and being part of the wonderfully colourful and diverse LGBTQ+ community. ❤️

The talk will be run by 5 speakers with different backgrounds and areas. Our panel will very much not be a part of curriculum and will be an uncensored discussion dispelling myths about who's under the rainbow, what they get up to and why visibility is important. You can check out their profiles below! 🤩

If you would like to join us and other UAL students, all you need to do is book your spot below. 🌈✨

You can also read about another student's experience of coming out at UAL or about Colin's experience of being trans and queer at UAL, if you would like to know more about the different resources that UAL has for those that are queer. ❤️

Chaired by Carley Owen (she/her)

Carley is the Student Experience Manager at the University of the Arts London. She is also the Head of Year-Round Events for Pride in London and heads up her own LGBTQ+ events business First Sight Events. 

She also volunteers for various charities creating awareness around disabilities and mental health.  Her expertise is in pushing boundaries and creating brand new concepts and initiatives that enhance the student experience in EDI and has won several awards and accolades for this work over the years. More recently, she was shortlisted for the Gaydio Pride Awards for the LGBTQ+ Champion of the Year. 

UAL Alumni Colin Lievens (They/Them)

(b.1999, Brighton) is an artist and educator based in West Sussex.

Working across a variety of media - from textiles to spreadsheets to fan fiction - their work is both playful and political. Throughout their practice runs themes of domesticity, transition, and representation, from their perspective as someone on the trans, autistic, and aromantic spectrums.  

Jennie Williams (she/her)

Jennie Williams is the founder and CEO of Enhance the UK (ETUK), a user-led charity which helps people with physical and sensory disabilities to live a full life. She set it up after working in the care sector and becoming frustrated with the lack of practical information and support available for people who wanted to know more about communicating with disabled people both professionally and personally.

Jennie, who has degenerative hearing loss also wanted to encourage open conversation and education around sex and disability. The charity’s Undressing Disability campaign focuses on the sexual rights and responsibilities of disabled people.

It includes the ‘Love Lounge’, podcasts, videos and books alongside an online forum for advice and answers regarding sex, dating and relationships for those with impairments. Jennie identifies as pansexual.

Asad Shaykh (he/him)

Heading Brand Development and Evolution for Pride in London by devising a dynamic brand strategy for 2021 and helping set an aim for everything it does in the future.

His voluntary role includes setting the brand roadmap for PiL towards its upcoming 50th anniversary, powered through research and adaptable with the rapidly changing purpose of Pride in the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals in London and across the UK. 

Lover, fetishist, photographer and 1/2 of The London Vagabond, Miss Gold I runs the incredible One Night parties - a sex party for femmes.   

One Night was born from the desire to create a space that is positive, non-threatening and welcoming to women. Mainstream clubs and bars have shown us how predatory and invasive male-dominated spaces can be with even multi-gendered sex parties often feeling intimidating, threatening or focused on the tastes and preferences of cis-gendered men. 

We wanted to create a party where a woman could meet other like-minded women, explore their sexuality or forge friendships without feeling any pressure to engage in sex or look a certain way. Somewhere which defied the play party ‘norm’; (often) heavy in dominant cis males and focused on ‘providing’ submissive women.

A space that welcomes women+ of all sexualities, sizes, ages and backgrounds, where they could be their natural selves and express themselves freely without being harassed, pressured, fetishized or lusted over by men.

Want to know more about this event? Get in touch: 


T: +44(0)20 3890 6039

Instagram: UALSocial