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Tabetha: My first year at UAL

By TabethaB 31 Jul 2018

"Do what you love and the money will follow" - Marsha Sinetar

Going to university is one of the most exciting times in your life. You move away from family, you are in charge of your time and you have to manage your own finances. For many, that last change is the snag that tries to dampen an otherwise amazing time.

For me, money was something that threatened to influence a lot of my university choices. Every teacher, school counsellor, friend or acquaintance I told that I was going to a London university, always managed to mention the cost. When making my final choices I almost chose a university outside of London, in part because I thought it would cost me and my parents less.

I am so glad I didn’t!

I wouldn’t give up London and UAL for any amount of spare change and I have made studying here work. I have a great job that pays my monthly bills whilst allowing me to study. I have dabbled in freelance jobs such as pet sitting, which are easy to fit around a schedule and are often downright fun (I get to cuddle cats as a job!). 

I plan my food shops in advance, I think really hard before I buy another pair of Topshop jeans and limit going out for brunch (my weakness) to once a week. Aside from this, I don’t spend too much time brooding over the number on my bank account, because I don’t need to.

I am living proof that you can support yourself whilst studying in London, so don’t let your financial situation hold you back from achieving your dreams.

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TabethaB a BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media student studying at London College of Communication.
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