Join your Hall's Community on Discord

Posted 1 year ago

Wondering where to meet students in your hall?

Wanting to stay up to date on the hottest student events? 

Well, we've built a space where you can do just that, and more. 

Heading to University in a new city can be nerve-wracking. We've all been there in the weeks leading up to the big move, wanting to know who we'll be moving in with, and which freshers events everyone is going to. 

Thats why for the first time, we've built a space on Discord to host our online community. 

What do I gain from joining?

  • Meet and shat to fellow students in your UAL hall
  • Find out about upcoming events
  • Find collaborators and creators 

So, how do I join the community? 🥹

  1. You will be receiving an email before you move in, with a link to join your hall's exclusive Discord group chat. 
  2. The link will take you immediately to your hall's server. You will be prompted to create your own Discord account  (it's quick and easy to do). You must verify your email to send messages on the chat. 
  3. Once you are in, you can introduce yourself, meet your fellow hall mates and send as many memes as you like! Feel free to download the Discord app on the App Store or Play Store.

But WAIT, how do I use Discord? 

Take a look at this short run-through of Discord below. 

Join your hall's discord group chat

Join now, and we'll see you there! 🫶

Get in touch: 


T: +44(0)20 3890 6039

Instagram: UALhallslife